This is Schwerin. It is the capital of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. It is small. It is picturesque. It is quiet. It is better to stop here for a comfort break and a lunch than somewhere along the highway.
In the center of the main square, they have a statue that basically shows you where you are. There is a legend about a greedy king to justify having something like this there. Behind it, there is ABC in gothic style that is significant for… you know… reasons. Then there are a few snow-white classicist government buildings with tall columns, huge entrances, and huge cars in front of them. Impressive, but not jaw-dropping.
Then we walk towards a castle by a huge lake. It looks opulent. Like from a fairytale. Neuschwanstein of the North they say, and you don’t need to climb a steep hill to see it. Like Neuschwanstein, it is not so thrilling inside. Parliament and a small museum of something. Lovely statues outside. Heros from old Greek mythology. Some of them quite sexy. And don’t forget to tell them about this special tree. Lunch in a local restaurant and off we go, Berlin is calling. Bye, see you soon.
​​​​​​​Well… Little did we know

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