This morning we left Hamburg headed towards Berlin. Our yesterday's visit to Blankenese was nice but wasn’t more than a lovely, very posh, and very rich village, and so we were still looking for a place to present to our travelers as the hidden gem of this part of Germany on this rather long ride.
So we decided to make a short stop and city tour in Lübeck. Don’t take me wrong. The city is picturesque, the architecture is old, beautiful, typical and everything, the lanes are narrow, the cobblestones are present, the church is majestic, but it is yet one of the notorious ABCs (Another Bloody Church). And so is the whole city. Beautiful, but boring. Except for the marzipan. The visit to the marzipan lover's heaven in Café Niederegger certainly justifies the stop for us. But will it for our travelers? Next time we will try to go to Bremen instead, we say. It is sooo interesting we say, we definitely have to do it.
Well, little did we know…

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