ALONG THE ELBE - Karlsbad to Hamburg

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Full of expectations and optimism, on this day I hit the road and went on a tour of Germany along the Elbe river. I was to meet my colleagues in the afternoon in Hamburg. Every minute of the three-week program for our dear American tourists, with whose groups we were to travel back and forth all year long, was carefully discussed and refined, and our small, nationally, and otherwise quite diverse group of tour guides went to rehearse the whole tour.
The fun began right in the morning when a powerful storm swept over the whole of Europe, and thanks to the general confusion in traffic it caused, on my train ride from Karlovy Vary to Hamburg, I found myself unplanned in Leipzig, Berlin, and Dresden, where I made the following photos.
Instead of early afternoon, I arrived in Hamburg late evening, just like my colleagues, who left Vienna with many hours of delay and the wind made their flight and landing an experience to remember. Finally, we met and so the day, which began with a glimpse of an apocalypse, continued like in the joke in which a Czech, a Slovak, a Russian, a German, a Croat, and a Romanian enter a bar. And that evening for the first time, after a few beers, the English literary expression "little did he know" came to my mind and I wondered what other surprises does the future hold for us… 
Well, little did I know…

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