Stormy night boat ride through the port of Hamburg

February 12, 2020

After a whole day of rain, the skies cleared up and we embarked a tiny little vessel for a private tour of the port of Hamburg with a young, authentic, suspiciously fast and talkative, yet very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide who showed us the port from a very unusual perspective.
On that evening, the water was wild, the water was black, the water was high, the water was freezing, the water was dangerous, and we felt very, very small, insignificant, vulnerable and facing the giants of the seas we indeed were no bigger than ants.
The weather was crazy from the very beginning of the tour, on this evening half of the old port was flooded and before we took off to the giants, we were riding a boat in the streets of Hamburg.
It was exciting, jaw dropping and frightening at the same time and we thought that this is as close to an apocalypse as it can be.
Well... Little did we know...

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